Busted! Don’t Believe These Production Myths!

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Creating video biographies of your loved ones can help to capture precious memories in a personal way. Unlike a photo album, these beautiful family recordings bring out the expression, voices, and priceless details that you can share as a gift for generations to come.

However, like most people, you may be unaware of how a professional video biography is produced and may fall for conventional perception about a video biography company. To help you dispel some of the misconceptions and misbeliefs surrounding the filming video biographies, Family Voices Media has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about production.

Myth 1: “My cousin can shoot it!”

When it comes to video production, if you want your project to look like what you see on television, you will need to hire professionals with broadcast experience. Although like most people, you may believe that your relative or friends can recreate such high-quality videos easily without spending on experts, then you will probably receive an amateur-produced video.

Myth 2: “It cost so much to make a video!”

For a broadcast, one hour of production costs around $ 150,000 per hour for a finished show. At Family Voices Media, we gather those same people and charge a small fraction of that amount for a similar work caliber. It’s a bargain, and you will get what you pay for!

Myth 3: “It takes too long to finish a project!”

Producing a video can sometimes take months. We need to organize a virtual army of technicians and then edit the video. With the biographies, it’s usually eight hours of footage to a one-hour final video. It takes a long time to look at it all, weave the story, cut the chair and form and dramatic tale. Creativity takes time!

If you’re looking to steer clear of these video production myths, reach out to Family Voices Media. As an elite video biography company in New York, we cater to your unique needs and produce high-quality stories to cherish for years to come. We are committed to our work and make sure you get a compelling story to preserve family history. We specialize in historical records, family biography, and family documentary.

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