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Family Biography

Video biography production in New York City


Celebrate your family! Honor the history that makes your family unique.

Family Voices Media creates an informative, engaging and dramatic movie of your loved one.

Ideal for: Special events, birthdays, retirement, reunions.

Family Voices Media "Family Biography" video production package includes a full shoot day with your family member or special subject.

The edited version is approximately 30 minutes long, includes the edited interview plus photos.

Video Production Services New York


This video production package is for a specific topic in a person’s life: their childhood, immigration story, work life, an adventure.

Because it does not cover an entire life story it is Family Voices Media's most affordable video production package.

The best way to celebrate a special event that will be enjoyed by future generations!

Please refer to the Family Biography video production package listing for further video production package details.

Package Family Biography
Description full interview set up, limited subject scope
Program length approximately 30 minutes fully edited
Shoot days Full day
# of locations one location
# of broadcast cameras One
Family Photos 100 digitized and retouched
Archival Research No
Animated opening and chapters Adobe Premier
Music Mix Adobe Premier
View online Yes
Retouched photos on separate file Yes
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