How Family Voices Media Created A Biography Video Of A Critically Ill Patient

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As a leading video biography production company in New York City, at Family Voices Media, we preserve family history by creating personalized video biographies of our clients’ loved ones.

However, every now and then, we come across clients with unique circumstances and requirements that often challenge us to adapt and seek immediate solutions. Regardless of how difficult a situation may be, we depend on our expertise, flexibility, quick thinking, and unwavering tenacity to deliver quality results and meet our clients’ expectations. 

Keep reading to learn about how we created a biography video of a critically ill patient. 

The Challenge: Interviewing a critically ill patient in the hospital. 
Recently, a client approached us to interview her brother, who was critically ill in the hospital. 

As his condition was serious, we wanted to complete the interview as soon as possible. However, given the situation, we had to consider the logistics of shooting in a hospital, with all the red tape. 

After much negotiating, we were able to interview him in the visiting room on his floor. His wife was doubtful about whether her husband had the energy to do the interview and feared that it would be “too much” for him. In reality, he was excited and energized to talk about his life. He realized this was the last chance to tell his story the way he wanted it to be told. 

He loved the opportunity of narrating stories of his parents, life in The Depression, defining where the family’s character was formed, and the special bond he felt with his siblings. He talked and talked for hours! Finally, as the room was getting dark, the nurses insisted on taking him for medications and treatment. They couldn’t wait any longer. Had they not come, he would have continued for a few more hours. Unfortunately, he died two weeks later. His wife told us, “it was his last best day.”

The Solution: Relentless determination to record the interview. 
While the reluctance of the subject’s wife was a concern, our biggest challenge was dealing with the hospital regulations. However, our strategy was clear – get the interview at all costs! 

After two days of negotiating with the hospital over the phone, we were permitted to carry out the interview. On the day of the interview, we made sure to create an informal mood so that our subject was at ease. We wanted it to be a free-flowing casual conversation because we knew that’s when people really open up. 

While there were several production problems that arose along the way, we were flexible and found a way to continue filming without interrupting the subject. 

The Bottom Line
At Family Voices Media, we are passionate about bringing personal stories to life and go above and beyond to fulfill our clients’ demands. We strive to produce professional-quality video biographies that become a part of the family heirloom and can be cherished for generations. 

All our video biographies are based on extensive interviews with the client’s relative. We then add family photos, home movies, historic footage, documents, and a soundtrack to create a full-length biography. Clients can view the completed video from anywhere and at any time through our website. 

Based on the clients’ preferences and budget, they can choose our services from the three packages available – Historical Record, Family Biography, and Family Documentary. 

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