Why DIY Family History Or Biography Videos Are A Bad Idea

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Whether you want to honor a family member or create a record of your family’s accomplishments throughout history, a video biography is a fantastic way to do so. A video biography allows you to put together your ancestry, heritage, and legacy and pass it on to the next generation so they can learn about their roots. At the same time, these videos offer you and your family a reminder of the beautiful and unique connection you share, which is worth treasuring.

With tons of online guides on how to create video memorabilia, producing a biography video yourself doesn’t seem too difficult. However, if you’re expecting to produce a formal and graceful video of your family’s history, the do-it-yourself approach will give you nothing more than a home video with poor quality content. As a novice in filming and production, there are many other factors that can get in your way of producing engaging content. To show you exactly how these obstacles can reverse the effects of your nostalgic video, Family Voices Media has explained three reasons why DIY family history or biography videos are a bad idea.

1. Lack of expertise
If you aren’t experienced in videography or video production, you may lack the technical know-how and ability to tell a narrative like a professional. While a DIY video is inexpensive, it isn’t really as engaging as a professionally produced biography.

2. Too much emotional involvement
When you are too close to the subject of your video, it may become tough to distance yourself emotionally from the project to make clear decisions. This can impact the quality of the content, and possibly make it uninteresting to others.

3. Inability to handle the quantity of content
Again, if you haven’t worked on video productions in the past, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the volume of material at your disposal. When there is too much content to handle, and you are emotionally involved, it can be tough to decide which parts should be included, and which ones should be left out.

Do things right - Hire a professional
With the assistance of a professional production team, you don’t have to worry about the above challenges getting in the way of a historical masterpiece. Video production experts bring objective distance, identify the real drama of stories, retell accounts dramatically, and know professional filmmaking or TV techniques to deliver broadcast level productions.

Similarly, they have excellent skills in scanning, photoshop, Adobe editing, lighting, Adobe After Effects, and Premier. They also have experienced camera persons capable of taking live interviews for the biography.

But, when choosing a production professional for your needs, make sure to verify their experience and expertise in biography videos. At the same time, you need to ensure that they are good listeners who are genuinely interested in your family story and not individuals who only want a gist to make a templated video. Every family has its own story, and their video biography must be tailored to that story.

If you’re wondering how much professional biography videos cost, a biography can range in cost from $5000 to $25000 depending on length and complexity. While this is a significant sum, it is worth every penny as the producer will make the efforts to showcase your heritage and the proud accomplishments of your family through each generation. They will also take into account your expectations and provide the equipment and resources necessary to produce a timeless family heirloom.

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