Busted! Don’t Believe These Video Biography Myths!

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Video biographies can be created to celebrate the life of your loved one and paying tribute to their story. A well-documented video biography can preserve your family stories and be passed on as an heirloom for generations. 

However, there are many baseless myths and misconceptions associated with producing a video biography that discourages many from documenting their loved one’s life. To help you steer clear of such misconceptions and reap the benefits of getting a video biography produced professionally, Family Voices Media has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about vide biography.

Myth 1: All family stories are similar.
Some families are immigrants, some have rags-to-riches stories, while others are long-standing members of a particular community that shapes their lives. Every family has its own story that defines it and should be saved for the future.

Myth 2: Making a movie about parents’ lives is difficult.
Many clients who wish to make a movie on their parents’ lives are dissuaded because of this misconception. They think that making a video biography on someone who doesn’t have too many pictures from their past is impossible. However, it’s not true. With today’s technology, we can readily make a full-length biography complete with interviews, photos, and music of anyone, including elders. 

Myth 3: Biographies can be cheaply made.
Making a biography on the cheap is a mistake we’ve seen many clients commit. They believe that cutting down on the costs when making a video biography won’t affect its quality. However, if you want a high-quality biography, you will have to spend considerably so that your videographer can use industry-standard equipment and premium methods.

If you want to steer clear of these and other myths related to video biography, reach out to Family Voices Media. As a leading video biography company in New York, we can help you create a biography that narrates your story expressively. Our passion for storytelling and filmmaking enables us to handle your work with care and professionalism and deliver results of great finesse. We start by conducting an extensive interview with your relative, asking them to tell us stories about their childhood, immigration, business, family lore, and other significant aspects of their life. We then edit the interview with music, photographs, and home movies, to create an emotive biography that can be cherished for generations. 

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