Family Documentary Videos - Every Family Has a Story

Every member of your family has a story to tell that is all part of your family’s history. Unfortunately, in many cases, these stories get lost when individuals pass away without recording their part of the family history. At Family Voices Media, we specialize in creating family documentary videos to help record your family’s history permanently. We take pride in creating a professional documentary that helps you share your family’s unique history with future generations.

We Help with All the Interviews

One of the most important aspects of putting together a family history documentary is interviewing all of your family members so they can share their own stories and viewpoints. This is invaluable when it comes to your aging relatives. We help you put together questions to ask and conduct the interviews, carefully recording the video and audio to ensure your history is properly documented and preserved. We understand the need to protect these stories, which is why we back it all up and make sure to protect the integrity of the videos.

We Put It All Together

We understand you likely don’t have any experience creating family documentary videos, which is why we work so hard to put together a professional video that will serve your family well for generations to come. After we capture all the stories your family wants to tell, we will use our editing and rendering processes to put together a family history documentary you can be proud to share.